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Our Purpose
Welcome to 3Eyes Creativity, where renovation and creativity meet quality construction.

Having accumulated a considerable amount of industry experience and relationships over the years, 3Eyes Creativity has been established to cater for those looking for fit-outs and maintenance services.

From design – to management – to craftsmanship

With an extensive portfolio spanning commercial, light industrial and residential industries, we are confident in delivering satisfactory results with the finest quality and care.
Our Guarantee
We can provide a variety of product and service options catered to your budget. Whether it is an economical approach, a sustainable low-maintenance design, or something more high-end luxury, we can alter our services to suit your vision.

Our teams works with clients through the process from design to completion. We aim to maximize even the most modest budgets to their full potential, and we stick to the process from start to finish so all you have to do is watch the transformations happen.

Regardless of the type and size of the renovation, our quality service remains constant, and with our price satisfaction, 3Eyes Creativity remains your best choice.

Auckland Central Hotel Upgrade

Project Details
Mock up rooms for a Auckland central hotel refurbishment consisting of a new design, new materials, new products and all round upgrade to match contemporary hotel functionality and aesthetic standards.

Hastings Rd - Award Winning

Residential, interior design, staging
Project Details
Elegant, modern, and situated on a site looking out to the seascape, the design of the terrace houses maximized the view with a focus on character and personalization for the homeowners. The interior colour and design selection process began early into the project process, from wrought iron stair balustrades to a patterned kitchen splashback. Our range of suppliers was fully on board to help with product selection and ensure that all products were brought to the site promptly and on time.
Competed March 2022
Hastings Rd, Mairangi Bay
Sean and Maggie
Master Builders 2022 HOTY Regional Gold Award NZCBIA 2022 Awards Finalist and Winner
Approx ~200sqm per unit

Cafe Avion

Commercial, interior design, shopfitting
Project Details
Café Avion is a commercial project focused on interior design and shop fitting for a café and restaurant. The project included the design of two feature walls of different styles, as well as the general design around the shop floor including layout and services. The designer focused on budgeting for the project, including handpicking objects for the feature wall.
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4 Pavilion Drive, Māngere

Westgreen Showhomes - Award Winning

Construction, interior design, staging
Project Details
The WestGreen Showhomes project focuses on displaying the types of interior styles which we are capable of. In this project, we made use of the opportunity to use bold colors and expressive designs to communicate the design, personalized to various room sizes and functions. We encapsulated the flexibility of interior design, whilst taking advantage of the opportunity to expand out from common design tropes.
Fred Taylor Dr, Westgate
Completed November 2021

Eatery at Rothesay Bay

Commercial café, Interior design, shopfitting
Project Details
Now a popular eatery which boasts scenic views of the ocean and stylish, organic interior furnishings, began as a project where the client wanted to create a unique interior dining experience while on a limited budget. Situated in a great location on the North Shore, the interior design and shopfitting were created to fit the natural vibes of the café, with touches of real plants and plenty of exposed, warm timber, the feeling of coziness is thus brought in naturally. It is no wonder that the café has received so many positive reviews.
2 Knights Road, Rothesay Bay

Our Main Services

Services We Provide

free consultation services, professional advice and recommendations
shop drawings, commercial renders, make your vision come to life
know the price range, keep within the budget and stay up to date with pricing changes
we provide shopfitting and fit-out services for commercial, residential and industrial projects with tailored solutions to suit varying briefs
we can fit the job to any budget range and provide varying options within the budget
Building Consent
design, drafting and application when consent is required
New Build
we do new construction too! speak to us about development or construction
Renovation & Refurbishment
increase property value or simply update the style of your interior
Maintenance & Repair
we take the hassle out of day to day maintenance and unexpected faults
renovate your bathroom, refresh your fittings and improve old bathrooms
renovate your kitchen, did you know that renovating your kitchen can increase perceived value of your entire house?
House Extension
turn your home into a work an income, or accommodate for a growing family, all for less cost than buying new
re-color and re-clad. A fresh palette can instantly change the look of an otherwise outdated interior
Garden & Outdoor
landscaping and driveway, add that oomph to your everyday outdoor living and improve your front or backyard - hassle-free
for drier, healthier homes
adding comfort to winter living, a popular retrofitting choice in NZ homes
restructuring can give you a stronger, safer home, or simply change the current layout of your house to better suit your family
replace or add light fixtures, a crucial but easily overlooked part of every home, we are here to help you brighten up the interior

Our Process

We offer a free consulting service that you can book in one simple click. Talk to one of our renovation experts so we get an idea of the scope of your project. During this stage, we can provide you with suggestions and professional advice on how to make the most of your home renovation. This step is intended to help those who are unsure or considering a renovation. You will not be obliged to use our services after this, so there is nothing to worry about.
Once you have decided to come through with the project, measurements will be taken on the site of the area which you are intending to renovate. This will allow us to cater all designs to the exact space on site, creating something that is unique just for you. We will also work closely with clients to form a brief, and provide a pricing and quotation accordingly.
We will provide you with concept design drawings after your first consulting session. We also provide design drawings including plans of the renovation and all details and specifications. This includes lodging a building consent if it is to be required. We will adjust the drawings to fit the style you want, so you can be sure to get the effect that you're after. This stage includes all the necessary specifications and documentation for the developed design.
We have a competent team of builders, all with many years of industry experience who can make your renovation dreams come true. During the renovation process, builders will be on-site working on the project during working hours, and you will be able to see the changes to the spaces every day. The on-site process begins with hard fit-outs and retrofitting, followed by soft fit-outs
Finally, the renovation process is complete, and you will be able to see and enjoy the results. We will follow you through the entire process and respond to all your feedback. We provide staging services if required, and we also accept all types of post-project reviews. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us.

How We Help

Whether you’re adding to an existing building or starting from scratch, our plans are always budget-friendly. And we’ll review it with you along the way, so if you want to save money in certain areas, we’ll be happy to help.
The number of pages you’ve got to read and sign can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ll help you out with the paperwork and make the process as simple as can be.
Staging & Styling
The right furniture is essential in bringing your space to life. So we’ll work with you and our suppliers to find the options that best suit your needs.
Light Fittings & Fixtures
From hue, to brightness, to style, we work with lighting designers to ensure that your interior and exterior lighting will perfectly complement your space.
Appliances, Accessories & Hardware
Following your budget and style, we source these from our suppliers and take care of the setup. All you’ve got to do is look forward to using them.
From floor to ceiling, and everything in-between, our designers know just how to tie your space together with the right finishes.
Frequently Asked Questions
3Eyes Creativity
We understand that renovation is a broad topic which covers a wide spectrum of services. It may sound daunting to start off your first renovation or interior design project, but we are here to help. On this page are some commonly asked questions, answered by us.
Talk to a renovation specialist to get an idea of what your project may require. This can include time frames, design requirements and cost estimates. Once you've got a grasp of the details in relation to your renovation project, you can decide whether to proceed with a renovation company.
Although we do not have 'ready-to-go' packages, we do offer a series of product selections in either a budget / standard / luxury category. The brands and products are catered specifically for each category so that you can select from our existing range of products without worrying that you will go over budget. We can also create custom designs and sizes to achieve the result that you want.
A renovation will generally require consent if it involves additions or alterations to the structure of a house, addition of new buildings, site works on decks above 1.5m height, site work relating to swimming pools, retaining walls and fences etc. The specific requirements in relation to building consent can be discussed with the council. If your project requires consent in order to proceed, our design team will take care of it for you. However, projects requiring consent will take longer to complete, as the consent application and approval process can take up several months depending on the work taking place and the information required.
Yes! Our scope of services includes both residential and commercial, and on top of renovations, we also offer staging and design services. If you are looking to refresh your commercial space, feel free to get in touch with us here. Or you can access our project gallery and take a look at our past commercial fit-outs.
House renovations are not only to improve the aesthetics of the house, renovations are also required when there are issues in the house. This can be a result of poor weathertightness, structural unsoundness, peeling paint, mold, etc. If you are happy with the current design and look of the house, you can always opt for a renovation solely focused on resolving underlying issues in the house. The most necessary renovation is the one that makes you satisfied, and the one which improves the quality of your lifestyle.
There are many ways to control the budget of a renovation project 1. Decide on as many details, products and specifications as possible early in the project, this will discard the need for variations later on due to changes in materials and labor time. 2. Choose well known, reputable and affordable brands, they may not have the fanciest designs, but they will be easy to maintain and easy to use for everyone
Most full house renovations generally start with the stripping and removal of existing parts. The remaining process goes in this order: 1. Structural work 2. Plumbing, heating, wiring, and other fix work 3. Plastering, painting, flooring 4. Bathroom fit-out 5. Kitchen fit-out 6. Final finishes
You can choose the products which you would like to use. We are not limited to only those on our supplier list!
3Eyes Creativity
Hear what our community says about us:
" The work delivered was well organized and with excellent craftsmanship. Forethought and organization of this project during the pandemic is evident with their ability to bring forward site issues and questions in a timely manner allowing responses to be incorporated with minimal impact. I am proud to say that they are the reason that makes our projects a success. "
July 2022
" [3Eyes] performed in a professional manner and completing the project on time and within the budget. We are extremely satisfied with their performance. I give them my highest recommendation. "
June 2022
" [3Eyes] demonstrated many outstanding qualities including professional and sensitivity to owner's requirements, ability to manage required changes during the course of the work, excellent communication with other consultant's and owner's representatives, and timely attention to deficiency correction. We are greatly satisfied with the projects are on time for the planned schedule with the high quality of workmanship. "
Just wanted to say thankyou for everybody's help in getting this job done so efficiently - the end results looks great and we are very happy From the first visit you have been fantastic - both efficient in getting the job done and always friendly and helpful. In a time where everyone in the industry is so busy we really appreciated how you all pulled together to deliver the job in the short timeframe.
May 2023
We were very happy working with all of you and also happy with the results. Not everything was perfect all the time. But all of you were very helpful and always fixed anything we asked quickly and cheerfully. We want to thank everyone for that. We would be happy to have all of you work on our next project. Special word goes out to Jason for managing it while in QTown.
June 2024

Who we work with

We source our products and materials from a range of well-known and reputable suppliers, both locally and internationally to suit a variety of client needs. You can be assured that we are transparent with all of the products which we use.

Membership & Qualifications

18+ years of construction industry experience has allowed us to secure a number of qualifications and memberships. We are proud to be part of these communities and we actively participate in industry events to stay in the know of new trends and products. These qualifications also stand to prove that quality definitely is key to our success.
NZCB Site Safe Impac Prequal HAZARDCO NZCBIA NZGBC Master Builders LBP
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