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Frequently asked questions
We understand that renovation is a broad topic which covers a wide spectrum of services. It may sound daunting to start off your first renovation or interior design project, but we are here to help. On this page are some commonly asked questions, answered by us.
What happens if my renovation requires consent?
A renovation will generally require consent if it involves additions or alterations to the structure of a house, addition of new buildings, site works on decks above 1.5m height, site work relating to swimming pools, retaining walls and fences. The specific requirements in relation to building consent can be discussed with the council. If your project requires a consent in order to proceed, our design team will take care of it for you. However, projects requiring consent will take longer to complete, as the consent application and approval process can take up to a month depending on the work taking place and information required.
How do I keep my project within budget?
There are many ways to control the budget of a renovation project. 1. Decide on as many details, products and specifications as possible early in the project, this will discard the need for variations later on due to changes in materials and labor time. 2. Choose well known, reputable and affordable brands, they may not have the fanciest designs, but they will be easy to maintain and easy to use for everyone. 3. Negate unnecessary changes and avoid moving structures and fixtures.
Do I get to select products myself?
You can choose products which you would like to use. We are not limited to only those on our supplier list!
Have you got options for ready-to-go packages?
Although we do not have ‘ready-to-go’ packages, we do offer a series of product selections in either a budget / standard / luxury category. The brands and products are catered specifically for each category, so that you can select from our existing range of products without worrying that you will go over budget. We can also create custom designs and sizes to achieve the result that you want.
I have a renovation project in mind but I’m not sure what to do next.
Talk to a renovation specialist to get an idea of what your project may require. This can include time frames, design requirements and cost estimates. Once you’ve got a grasp of the details in relation to your renovation project, you can decide whether to proceed with a renovation company.
How do I decide what kind of renovation is necessary?
House renovations are not only to improve the aesthetics of the house, renovations are also required when there are issues in the house. This can be a result of poor weathertightness, structural unsoundness, peeling paint, mould etc. If you are happy with the current design and look of the house, you can always opt for a renovation solely focused on resolving underlying issues in the house. The most necessary renovation is the one which makes you satisfied.
What is the renovation order of a home renovation?
Most full house renovations generally start with the stripping and removal of existing parts. The remaining process goes in this order: 1. Structural work 2. Plumbing, heating, wiring, other fix work 3. Plastering, painting, flooring 4. Bathroom fit-out 5. Kitchen fit-out 6. Final finishes
Do you do commercial projects?
Yes, our scope of services includes both residential and commercial, and on top of renovations, we also offer staging and design services. We take on repair and maintenance jobs, too! If you are looking to refresh your commercial space, feel free to get in touch with us here. Or you can access our project gallery and take a look at our past commercial fit-outs here.
Am I able to view completed renovation projects to get an idea of what I’m in for?
Feel free to visit our past commercial project locations, which are included in our past projects pager here. For residential projects, we have a showroom located in our head office, where you can view project materials, compare colors and discuss details. Book your appointment today by clicking here.
Can I still make changes during the renovation process?
During the renovation process, you are able to make changes to products and materials as long as they have not been confirmed, approved and ordered. This will usually incur a variation in the contract, and may lead to price changes depending on the type of change. Although we recommend not to make too many changes once the site work has started, we do understand that making decisions is not always a breeze, so we do our best to cater for variations.
Can I keep living in my house when the renovation is being done?
This depends on the size of your project and the spaces where the renovation is being done. On smaller projects, you won't be affected as much and will be able to continue living in the house while the renovation works carry on. However, some larger-scale renovation projects may have requirements for electricity / water / gas to be cut off, which will in turn affect day-to-day routines. If you have concerns regarding this for your project, it will be best to chat with a professional to determine the scope of work and the timeframe, and how the site work will affect you and your family.
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